Pits & Bits Product Review

I knew very little about Pits & Bits before receiving the ‘No Rinse Wash Kit’ as a Christmas stocking filler last year.  The kit came in a handy little bag containing ‘Towel Off Body Wash,’ ‘Rinse Free Shampoo’ and 4 expandable wash cloths. I then spent much of the race year waiting for the right time to really put the product to the test, and it wasn’t until ‘Muddy Trials (Reverse)’, that I decided to break open the kit and see how it faired up against one of Scotland’s muddiest races.

After the race I rinsed off the loose mud and then got the kit open. I wasn’t overly confident when I saw the size of the compressed cloth – not much bigger than a large pill. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it grew into quite a large wash cloth.

The shampoo and body wash were great and did exactly what was required. I was surprised that just a little amount covered quite a large area, meaning even after getting clean, there was still plenty left for future use.

Yes, I did feel a little silly lathering up next to people being hosed down or smudging mud around their faces with their towels, but I can’t complain with the end result. I left feeling very clean – which was just as well since I was heading straight to a family party!

It doesn’t beat a shower but provides a great alternative when there isn’t one available.