Tartan Warrior 5k Race Review

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I arrived at the Tartan Warrior event in Falkirk on a rare Scottish sunny day, although a freezing cold wind swept through the area. A bit of a wait at the registration but with a very friendly atmosphere I don’t think anyone minded.

A different start from the previous year’s course, as we were immediately sent us into a very muddy run into a field before looping back up through the mud into a crawl section under low hung bungy ropes. Within minutes I was caked in mud!

Out of the field, we turned down the cycle track, over a few hurdles before coming to an A-frame climb. The cycle path continued for a good length, allowing the race pack to thin out before leading to the 6ft wall. Up and over the wall, the path now headed into a more woodland section and another lengthy run thinned the pack out further, before leading us to one of Tartan Warriors newest obstacles, the table top (if you’re not sure what this is, then imagine a work bench 5ft off the ground). The first time I’ve experienced this obstacle, so very pleased I got through it.

The terrain got more off roady with a few log piles to jump before leading into the burn. My run slowed as I trudged through the muddy, wet, slippy section of the course. Quite a tricky path with varying water levels and plenty of natural terrain making it difficult to balance.

Back onto the cycle path I could pick up the pace a bit, which helped disperse some of the water, before heading back off road up a hill climb. Up the hill and then back down into the woods, over a high tree trunk before the rope climb. A year ago this was an obstacle I feared, now I confidently got to the top.

Next was a very long run section over mixed terrain, cycle paths, woodland, wood bridges and eventually leading into more very sticky mud. More of a trudge than a run we go through the section, before the run down to the overhang wall. It’s amazing how much harder a wall is when it’s angled towards you.

Over the wall we were soon in the monkey bar section. And thanks to the Tartan Warrior training day I was able to smash the obstacle using a new technique. This may have been the first time I’ve ever completed this obstacle in a race! Before the arms had recovered it was straight into the Ninja Rings, a very tricky obstacle using rings to swing from peg to peg. Another obstacle that was new for me.

The end was now in sight and I was soon on the final straight. A couple jumps over the Highland Cow hurdles and up to the finish line to receive an awesome finishers medal.

Overall the event was very well organised and the course couldn’t have been marked out any better. The atmosphere on the day was brilliant and it was great to see so many families getting involved in the sport. A definite family favourite. And at just £20 (early bird) it was amazing value.

Big thank you to all the marshals, they did a brilliant job, very friendly and helpful, and more importantly had their pockets filled with Haribo to hand out!

Being part of wave 1 I was lucky enough to be part of the launch of the new penalties system brought to the sport by emerging company ‘Keep it Simple Timing.’ The system was very simple and involved wearing a watch type tag and swiping in and out of obstacle zones to ensure completion, any failed sections resulting in a time penalty.

Massive well done to John, Joda and their team. They put on a brilliant family friendly event, helped bring in the latest technology to the sport, and brought a lot of new obstacles never before seen on their course, or in Scotland.